Monday, April 18, 2011


The Maitisong Festival is a Botswana based, month long arts festival that is curated by the director of the Maitisong auditorium. The auditorium is part of Maru a Pula, one of Botswana's private educational facilities, which has a history of being involved in community initiatives through various school afternoon activities for the students and the availability of Maitisong for cultural events independent of the secondary school curricullum.

This year the festival is running from March 24 to May 7th, 2011. Maitisong Director Rosalyn Beukes, much like her predecessor David Slater, does a great job of building hype from scractch and lining up a thematically broad smorgasbord of entertainment. In my opinion more local acts need to engage with this festival to try and secure a slot in the programming. Other than cultural/tribally based festivals, the occassional poetry festival and other independent music or theatre events not much happens in Botswana in terms of showcasing art, and local artists from different fields need to cotton on to the fact that it's not just about visiting artists it's also about jumping on an already established platform to meet a potentially new audience head on and say this is what I have to offer.The festival handles a lot of the publicity and secures the venue(s), it makes use of the Maitisong auditorium's central location but also liaises with other venues in and around town to spread the festival around different locations.

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