Thursday, October 27, 2011

langa means sun

I am back in Botswana - first email I get is a memo from the meteorological services telling me I should look forward to temperatures of up to 41 degrees Celsius. I want the sun and a bit of shine but methinks this a tad too much. If nothing gives I might actually have to consider sunscreen and those floppy hats you have to wear with a summer-dress...

Random piece of information there is a place called Mpumalanga in South Africa I'm told it means place of the sun/where the sun comes from. I wonder whether it is in anyway linked to my tribe the baKalanga might explain why my family name is Dema (which means black) and why just about everybody I'm related to is a shade of sunloved brown.

But I digress as part of the Poetry Africa on tour showcase I've been in Malawi, Zimbabwe and all over South Africa for last two weeks and then some, immersed in words however its too hot to blog coherently so I'll upload some pics from the tour soon and let them do the talking

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