Saturday, February 4, 2012


Bokomo the food manufacturer/brand is running a Valentine’s day competition. Winner gets dinner for two and overnight accommodation at Cresta and perhaps most importantly they also get to donate a food hamper to their favourite charity.
But they aren’t just looking for any poem, it has to be a sonnet ( with either the words ‘pure’ or ‘sugar’ in it.
The shortlisted poets will get a chance to read their poems on radio while the listeners vote for the winning poem.

The official details are below
"BOKOMO Botswana would like to run a competition based on their product Pure Sugar. This competition is open to poets in Botswana. We would like them to write a sonnet or 14 line poem (as long asit is 30 seconds long) The poem has to have to words PURE or SUGAR in it.
The poets must submit their poems by the 6th of February. Their poems will be aired on live radio, so they may be called on a scheduled day to recite their poems. Listeners will call in and vote for their favourite poem, and the winner will get a night for two at Cresta (Dinner and Accommodation) and they will also have the chance to donate a BOKOMO hamper to a charity of choice."

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