Wednesday, February 22, 2012

happiness in a pocket

No blog today just 10 things that make me smile

1. Julia Roberts laugh
2. Eating sun ripened mangoes
3. Listening to Olebogeng Morebodi’s evening radio show
4. Watching the Dark Knight
5. The X Files and Lie To Me theme songs
6. Counting the number of times the men in Sons of Anarchy hug per episode, and thinking how much the OST makes it seem like a musical – most/all the song lyrics are scene-literal
7. The memory of Lebo Mashile, Kwame Dawes and Chris Abani on tour at 7am in the morning and by extension the words ‘monkey’ and ‘mint’ in the same sentence
8. The HBO woosh sound before a show starts
9. Wole Soyinka’s telephone conversation, Sylvia Plath’s the arrival of the bee box, Taufiq Rafat’s circumcision, Owen Sheers’ not yet my mother. good poetry.
10. A toss between Bradley Cooper and Ryan Gosling’s smiles, Jim Cavieziel’s eyes and writing down this list every couple of months

Make your own smile list and keep it on you, its happiness in a pocket.

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