Monday, June 18, 2012


For Capoeira Terranossa
It is true Carl, no one tells you
about this or any other thing that truly matters
not in record jackets or the dvd’s lengthy biography
what to expect when capoeira takes you
by the neck and carries you
like some wild mother moving her cubs
to a place of quiet safety
But there is music too here
moving the body of a once upon a boy
taut as the berimbau’s wire voice
his heart going atabaque- atabaque
Each chord plays his body like a harp
He trusts the air to hold him
Listens to the off beat and later tells me what it told him
and then asks me
to do the same

We are many of us here walking on water
before we are lost to reason
Playing Peter, we get the better of ourselves and stop
to ask, who is holding us up
We fall
a tangle of remembered arms and forgotten names
Playing a game of salvation within life's fluid and circular frame
It is easy to plough love here
to laugh when you hear
some teacher’s name caught on the wind, riding a broken song
Until the same boy who told you
days ago you could do this
returns to hurl you into the space between fall and grace
asking you to become your own beat
Where before you would have asked
what your body now knows, how
it is safe here
On this land, which is ours


  1. It's better not to stop to ask who is holding you up ;-)

  2. :) professori would say that that is precisely my problem