Monday, July 30, 2012

Prairie Schooner features Batswana Poets in Fusion

According to the voice newspaper  and I am in a position to verify this :) "Prairie Schooner, the University of Nebraska’s internationally-recognized literary magazine, has announced its next release of the new arts and literature series Fusion.
A fresh online series featuring collaborations between Prairie Schooner and interesting, innovative online literary entities and individuals from around the world, Fusion seeks to create dynamic fusions in literature and art. Fusion No.1 features a collaboration with Cordite Poetry Review focusing on work. Fusion No.2 continues the themed trend by focusing on womb, while featuring a partnership with Batswana poets and artists.
Marianne Kunkel, Managing Editor of the Prairie Schooner, will be co-curating Fusion No.2 with local poet TJ Dema, a Botswana-based poet who runs SAUTI- an events, arts and performance management organization. “Taking on such a decision-making role as curator of the upcoming Fusion was thrilling,” says Kunkel. “Prairie Schooner exceeded my expectations regarding the number of candid and eccentric womb-themed poems that appeared in its pages in the last 86 years. I’m extremely pleased with the online conversation that TJ Dema and I facilitated across continents and generations—a conversation not only about the womb but about women’s bodies as whole entities.” "

The featured Botswana artist will be Maru a pula art teacher and practising artist Sedireng Olehile Mothibatsela whose work I adore. Kelly Manning, a graduate of the University of Nebraska, will be the featured Nebraska artist.

Featured Batswana poets include the former Iowa fellow, Barolong Seboni; the 2011 international slam champion for the African poetry express slam held in Zimbabwe, Mandisa Mabuthoe, and the winner of a Farrago prize, Andreattah Chuma, poets Tshireletso Motlogelwa, Joshua Machao, Lesego Nchunga, Dredd X - you don't want to miss this.

The next Fusion will be home-themed, collaborating with Balkan poets and curator Nikola Madzirov(amazing poet, lovely guy really looking forward to this)
View the Fusion archives at the prairie-schooner website featuring art as well as poems, audio, and interviews.

The Botswana Society 2012 — AGM

Press Release

Members and friends of The Botswana Society, and members of the public are
invited to attend the 2012 Annual General Meeting of The Botswana Society
to be held on Wednesday, 1st August 2012, at 6pm at the Little Theatre, The
National Museum and Art Gallery.

The Botswana Society is a non-governmental body, founded in 1969, that
advances knowledge of Botswana in all disciplines and on all aspects of
the nation's cultural, scientific and environmental heritage.

The Botswana Society reports, debates, collates, and disseminates the
findings of recent research on Botswana. The Society publishes an annual
journal (Botswana Notes and Records, most recently, Volume 43 in 2011), a
wide selection of Books and other titles, and holds lectures, workshops
and symposia on vital questions of national development.

An Executive Committee is elected each year at the Society's Annual
General Meeting. The committee is generally comprised of professionals
(including at least one accountant), academics, researchers, business
leaders, and retired public officers. A Publications Sub-Committee
appointed by the Executive Committee oversees the extensive publications
programme. The Chair of the Executive Committee is Dr. Joseph Tsonope, and
the Patrons of the Society are ex-presidents Sir Ketumile Masire and
Festus G. Mogae.

The Guest speaker at the AGM this year is Ulf Nermark, who will present
"Photography as I see it" .
Through a PowerPoint presentation he will take
us on a short journey into his way of photography, showing images taken
for Documentation, Communication and Appreciation. The aim for Nermark is
to have a good time with the camera as well as with the resulting images,
whether for work or pleasure.

Ulf Nermark is a Permanent Resident of Botswana and is the representative
for  photography within the Botswana Society for the Arts (BSA). Prior to
that he chaired Photographic Society of Botswana for 4 years, organising
local exhibitions as well as one international salon. He has organized
regional and national photography workshops under BSA,  instructing and
mentoring groups of youth. Through short courses he has assisted several
individuals with instruction on camera handling and photography.

Nermark's photographs on many aspects of both rural and urban contemporary
life in Botswana. have been exhibited at the Annual Photographic
exhibitions at the National Art Gallery and toured the other local museums
in the country, including the Thapong Visual Arts Centre. His awards
include 1st place in photography at the regional President’s day art
competition 2010 and second place in the national competition 2010. He was
nominated the photographer of the year during the Thapong artist of the
year award in 2011.

For further information contact:
391-9745 or 75-471-453
Monday-Friday 8.00-13.00; 14.00-17.00
The Society's office is located at 2704 Phala Crescent, Gaborone
Web: |

Saturday, July 28, 2012


Call for Papers
First Call for Abstracts
Amantle is a Setswana historical and philosophical concept that values democratic expression. It comes from the proverb “mafoko a kgotla a mantle otlhe”, it literally means that all words spoken in the ‘village round’ are beautiful, and, therefore acceptable.
Petlo Literary Arts Trust aims to promote and further encourage the development of creative writing and literature in Botswana. In this respect we have published several books of Botswana Literature in English. For 2013 we would like to focus our attention on critical and analytical discourse by academics, students, journalists, writers, researchers, educators and theatre practitioners and other commentators on language and literature. The papers will be published as a book entitled as above.
The Petlo Literary Arts Trust invite:
1.  Literary Essays on Aspects of Botswana Literature
2. Critical and Creative Responses to Botswana Literature
3. Autobiographies/Biographies on Literary Experiences
4. Commentary on Literature/ Writings/ Films set in Botswana
5. Reviews of Botswana Literature in English/ Book reviews/ Review of articles
6. Notes and Reports from Workshops and Conferences
7. Extracts from Dissertations and Long Essays from scholars of Botswana Literature
8. Works in Progress
9. Translations of Important Literary Pieces from any Botswana Language
10. Interviews with Writers from Botswana
11. Creative/ Critical journalistic pieces on Botswana, or about her literature
12. Creative Non-Fiction
13. Essays on the Teaching of Literature in Botswana
14. Gender issues in Botswana Literature
15. Development of Botswana Literature in English
16. Reflections on Writing Botswana Literature: Why I write and How
17. The Language of our Literature
Length of Abstract: 250 words.
Abstracts should include:
Ø      Title of paper
Ø      The theme addressed
Ø      Name and academic title of author
Ø      E-mail address and postal address
Ø      Number of words in the abstract
Abstracts will be considered and responded to as they are submitted.
Deadline: 30TH December 2012
Send submissions in the form of abstracts to:


Abstracts must be Microsoft Word documents and must be sent only electronically.