Thursday, August 16, 2012


The London 2012 Olympics are over. Botswana earned her first Olympic medal courtesy of Nijel Amos’ 800m silver. We came close in the women’s 400m with Amantle Montsho flying through both her heats and coming in a close 4th behind the bronze in the final. Winners all the same, both of them.

Gold: A heart returned
For Amantle and Nijel

I wake to London at 3 am
Its familiar and bright voice, foreign
What is home for another man
Is now London for me
Nothing as concrete as a day in this city
Less fire and silence
Than Wordsworth’s morning ride perhaps
But wise men know Wideman was right
Night changes things
Back to their once upon a time
To give a likeness of some long ago morn

Abani tells us he says guava and means childhood
I say London and mean a dream
One I can get to without changing my religion
Though the world remains too much with all things
Today this pulp is a key
Our names political geography
But what opens any door is the biometric weight of an I
That imperfect scale to measure the distance
Between destination and desire
I am there now with something in hand,
Perhaps returned after some battle has been won,
Miles after the night has given up its aeroplane drone
Opened itself, to free its half-alive cargo
Into Heathrow’s flowerless dawn

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