Saturday, November 17, 2012


Currently one of the writers in residence at the Vermont Studio Centre, I have been outside today whispering in artists' ears, soliciting their hands in a public art/live literature collaboration I hope to realise before leaving the States.

Because I like to read my poetry out loud it sometimes lends itself, to begin with submits really, to seemingly different forms within an interactive context. The truth is I love listening to music and poetry, and looking at some art (I have a decisively unsophisticated palate) and working with other artists provides an opportunity to do this while sharing some of my own craft. In the past I've collaborated to varying degrees with music producers (house/dance music), live bands (bluesy-jazz, nordic jazz, acoustic), dancers (interpretive dance with Battery Dance NYC, choreopoem for Aldo Brincat's President Concert piece) and of course when I've been felled by a bout of transitory bravery I've co-written with other poets whose work I enjoy.

Todays little clip is of Luis Bravo and I reading his poem 'Se mueven en su sitio' or something not unlike 'they move into/ in their places' in Iowa City recently. A bilingual (Spanish/English) poem with a fantastic translation by Laura Chalar.

Hopefully the public art comes together and I can collaborate with and transform a particular tree I have my eye on. In the absence of a fairy godmother, wish me a broken limb and I shall do wonders.

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