Saturday, December 1, 2012


Had a late night in the studio yesterday I went to hear Maria Harris read - instead of editing something - and paid for it later but it got done so I gave myself my first morning off and realised how much the world outside my studio had changed over the last couple of weeks

When I got here in mid November the Gihon river looked like this (a little autumn clinging to the banks, harrowed remnants of halloween floating about), and now the snow grows fat, bits of it look a little caul like

I'm heading home soon to sand and heat but today I went to see Lake Eden
You might not see it but she begins right where that boat ends

Randomly on the way back I bought a teddy bear at a thrift store (as one does) and it follows snow-covered teddy in hand that I would then logically pay the the local FreeMason's Temple a visit. I'm a story-junkie so I had a fun time on tour with one of the local freemasons - I came across the Regius Manuscript a couple of years ago and we had a good chat about geometry and symbolism (mainly him talking and me going oh? why? and ah/a)

This is what I came 'home' to, this is the bench just outside my studio. In an hour I'm off to the local karaoke night, after all I leave not too long from now

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