Sunday, May 26, 2013


So a bit of good news. I think. I recently got nominated for an award, the St Louis Top 40 under 40 is not only in its first year but is also the first local list of its kind. Late last year I was told the lovely folks at Arise Magazine were featuring a selection of African Changemakers and that I was to take up some page space in their latest edition. This time around St Louis which is, amazingly given its name, very much a local lager, concocted or whatever one does with beers, by a Motswana brewmaster is publishing features of young -ish Batswana across national media. My French compatriots assure me the export edition is quite the drink and so if I must :) be a catalyst... 

You can guess from my statement that drinking St Louis is clearly not part of the criteria for selection, rather the folks at SL say they seek change makers who have, and are willing to continue to actively contribute to their communities in one way or another. I think the idea here is that the folks on the list are ones to watch, a generation who will likely help shape the country and positively impact the local environment in the/for years to come.

As I'm sure you've guessed the nominees are all under the age of 40. I'm told they/we have been pooled from all corners of the land as well as various fields - entrepreneurs, musicians, activists, and yes poets(plural - I'm excited can you tell) etc. The panel of 3 judges will whittle down a list of 83 to 40 finalists but methinks if you got on the long list smile and go about your business.

A member of the judging panel Mr Solomon Monyame is quoted as saying, "In the midst of our search for Botswana's catalysts from North to South, we were pleasantly overwhelmed with the number of young change makers our country has. Working with our criteria, we had to choose the top 40, but there were many other catalysts who we hope to see in next year's Top 40 Under 40".

Anyway thats that, I'm off to co-edit a film script.

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