Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The right one bites the dust

I'm 5 minutes away from boarding a flight to Lisbon via Amsterdam (Schipol airport is starting to feel like home) and so I can't chat/blog long. But I had to share, I've just gotten word that Botswana, or rather the High Court of Botswana has been received the Bronze Gavel for the Gender Justice Uncovered award. Yay! you can follow this link (progress) to find out what the fuss is all about. 

About time. Congratulations to the three sisters who brought the particular case that led to this judgement to the court's attention.

The presiding Judge Dingake is quoted as saying, "It seems to me that the reason proffered by the learned Attorney General cannot be a valid reason to discriminate against the applicants. In my mind, there is no legitimate government purpose to be served by the discriminatory rule; and the fact of the matter is that the rule sought to be impugned is not only irrational but amounts to an unjustifiable assault on the dignity of the applicants and or women generally. The effect of the Ngwaketse Customary law, sought to be impugned, is to “subject women to a status of perpetual minority, placing them automatically under the control of male heirs, simply by virtue of their sex”. I do not think it can be credibly argued that discrimination alluded to above serves any worthy or important societal purpose."

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