Sunday, October 20, 2013


Have you ever wondered how much it costs to set up a fixed broadband internet connection in Guinea or maybe how many days it takes to start a business in the Congo, no? Ok neither have I but just in case you are ever at a dinner party and someone wants to talk about the highest youth (15-24) literacy rates on the continent you can say Zimbabwe. Wouldn't have guessed? I know, sometimes its easier to recall only the gory bits but I assure you despite the trauma this continent continues to endure people still go in search of their one true love, they have children or not, they sing at weddings, they cry when their favorite football team loses, they sit with their children to work out the day's algebra homework, occasionally they eat and sometimes they sleep.

Now, where were we - ah yes the population of Nigeria you say? That would be telling, but if yours is a curious mind then wonder no more as the World Bank Africa Poverty Reduction and Economic Management Unit has done your homework for you. They produced a list of 50 things you probably didn't know about the continent's 55 (recognized) states and its billion plus inhabitants. Click here -> for 50 SHADES of anything but grey.

And now for a bit of fun, the folks at the doghousediaries have put together this little map supposedly showing what each of the world's countries leads in

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