Sunday, November 24, 2013


As I'd mentioned earlier and elsewhere on the blog, I've been looking forward to playing host to four Swedish poets for the last week. The main event happened last night and this is my week's recap.

All 8 participating poets recorded a couple of poems that we intend to share freely on the internet over the next couple of months

Lunch time at a local restaurant, I had mash and oxtail in a mini traditional cooking pot... yum

Laura Wilhborg performing for the students at Kgale High School

Students during a workshop and QnA session held at Maikano CJSS

Sam Kessel and Jorgen Gassilewski after a school workshop

A secret gig on the Friday where up to 40 local poets, show organizers and MCs were invited to share their work in a intimate session with venue details only being texted at the last minute. The local poets were each others entertainment and audience.

The Thapong Visual Arts Center has artist studios, this one houses various traditional instruments. The poets couldn't help but start a band

A visit to the botanical gardens yielded a few surprises including a plant named - in Setswana-  'a man does not wear clothes'

We took the poets on a tour of the city of Gaborone. This is the 3 Dikgosi monument in the Central Business District. That gold dome peeking from behind the diKgosi is the High Court of Botswana
Its a wrap!


  1. Lovely photos. It looks like the tour was a huge success. Congrats!

  2. We had a blast Lauri. My 1 regret that trying to mobilize these Gabs events to get them around the rest of the country and involve local acts in each town always seems near impossible but one day...