Sunday, December 22, 2013


I'm watching Endeavour: Young Morse and in no state to write a lengthy entry, and so heres to 2013. Show me a picture and I'll gladly hand you a memory.

In Berlin with the boys - Kosal Khiev & Ise Lyfe

With my friend Stephanie Ye the short story writer, 5 minutes before I went on stage at Artistry

I had a quick cup of coffee with Fernando Pessoa in Lisbon

Amidst an embankment of poets in Maun

I organized a poetry exchange between Swedish and Batswana poets, this was funtastic 

I have lots to be thankful for, my nephew is a year older, happy and well adjusted, my siblings are off chasing their dreams, there are enough police procedurals on TV to keep me home on a friday night and I have grown infinitesimally taller - no really, first I thought folks were getting shorter or something but nope its all me. 
I have a few projects lined up for next year including a couple of months to be spent living in Europe but its almost Christmas now and so I'm off to see Mama. Its time to recharge the old battery and inevitably over eat which, at the very least, will give me something to put on a new year's resolution list.

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