Wednesday, April 30, 2014


A friend asked me recently, 'chapbook?''Yes''Well whats that then?'

chapbook |ˈCHapˌbo͝ok|
noun historicala small pamphlet containing tales, ballads, or tracts, sold by peddlers.• a small paperback booklet, typically containing poems or fiction.ORIGIN early 19th cent.: from chapman (a peddler) + book.
But the real reason we were talking about chapbooks is because I have one out. Out of sheer laziness I've lifted a few words on the project from the Prairie Schooner newsletter.
"In association with Slapering Hol Press, the Poetry Foundation, and the African Poetry Book Fund, Prairie Schooner has published a collection of chapbooks entitled Seven New Generation African Poets. The collection was edited by Chris Abani, Professor of English at Northwestern and author of The Secret History of Las Vegas (Penguin, 2014) and Sanctificum(Copper Canyon, 2010), and Prairie Schooner's Glenna Luschei Editor Kwame Dawes. It contains chapbooks by 

TJ Dema (Botswana), Clifton Gachagua (Kenya), Tsitsi Jaji (Zimbabwe), Nick Makoha (Uganda),Ladan Osman (Somalia),Warsan Shire (Somalia), and Len Verwey (Mozambique).
In their eloquent two-part introduction, Dawes and Abani lay out the main goals and challenges of this chapbook box set. Dawes writes:

But for all the ins and outs of putting this box set together, for all the fundraising, the partnerships forged, and the extensive negotiations concerning the project, ultimately this box set exists because of the talent and urgency of these poems." 
Now I'm not biased you see, just involved. And you could if you wanted and if you really liked poetry and wanted to get your hands on  6 scrumptious - plus me - poets, well you could simply order/buy it here :-) and thats the truth my friend.

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