Tuesday, May 20, 2014


I was in Sweden last week reading at the Teater Brunnsgatan Fyra. My second time in Stockholm, and again only for one night. I had to be back in Denmark for a reading at a festival the next day and couldn't stay to do the city justice so I basically got off the plane, bought junk food (delayed flight equals excuse to eat indiscriminately), met my ride which the Botswana Embassy in Stockholm so kindly provided, checked into the hotel, slipped out for a couple of hours to walk about, swung back for a quick shower, picked up copies of my chapbook, got on stage, and then armed with both new and old friends as well as my trusty back pack and camera found the Artist's bar and met Stockholm by night. Give or take stops during which we tried to sweet talk restaurant staff into feeding us after the kitchens closed, we walked until the wee hours of the morning. All very civilized I assure you.

Stockholm being equal parts water, parkland and urban space is about right, I think I read that on a brochure somewhere. The truth is it was time I got to know this country a little bit more than anything Roxette and Abba might have unwittingly passed on in my childhood.

A peeing booth. Men only. Right next to busy thoroughfare. 

So me and rye bread we are not friends but the Swedes had better luck than the Danes getting me to eat some

At the theatre

This I think must be what I look like at 1am at least through the eyes of the illustrator who inked this

We were not alone
Definitely a few people out on joyrides though I kept hearing country music as opposed to …something else?

Off to bed

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